Slide drilling technology delivers significant gains in horizontal reach wells

When using mud motors, drillers alternate between rotary and sliding drilling. In rotary mode, the drilling rig’s rotary table or topdrive rotates the entire drillstring to transmit power to the bit.
09 2022/06

OPEC’s Reversal is Gift to Oil Majors after Two Years of ‘Hell’

After two years pursuing a Saudi-led strategy to pump without limits, pummeling industry earnings, OPEC has unexpectedly come to the aid of the oil majors. Last month, it surprised the market by deciding to cut production and put a floor under volatile crude prices.
09 2022/06

Confidence 'Slowly Returning' to Oil and Gas Industry

Ahead of this week's budget, Oil and Gas UK is calling for an extension to investment allowances to support North Sea activity.
09 2022/06

How to distinguish fluorine rubber and silicone rubber

Fluorine rubber has excellent physical and mechanical properties. Type 26 fluororubber generally has a strength between 10 and 20MPa, an elongation at break between 150 and 350%, and a tear strength between 3 and 4KN/m. Type 23 fluororubber has a strength of 15.0~25MPa, an elongation rate of 200%~600%, and a tear strength of 2~7MPa.
11 2022/03

Characteristics and application fields of rubber sealing strips

Rubber sealing strips can be used in many fields, such as textile printing and dyeing equipment, drying equipment and door seals, ovens and architectural glass, etc. It has played a lot of roles in these fields. Advantage.
11 2022/03

How to deal with impurities and black spots on the surface of silicone tube?

At the same time, it is also reminded to pay attention to the following points: deal with the dirt and impurities of the product while mixing the rubber, the hands of the operator when mixing the rubber, the tools that come into contact with the rubber material, the production machine should be kept clean, the extrusion lines should be kept clean and so on. matter
11 2022/03
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