Dissolvable Temporary Plugging Agent

Dissolvable Temporary Plugging Agent

Our company can research and develop according to customers' technical requirements and downhole parameters, and process and produce dissolvable temporary plugging agents that can meet the operation requirements of our customers.
Dissolvable Temporary Plugging Agent
Product description

      Temporary plugging and diverting fracturing technology has attracted more and more attention, and it has been successfully applied in the fields of re-fracturing of old wells, staged fracturing of vertical wells, staged fracturing of horizontal wells, and stimulation of wells in complex situations, and has a huge prospect of popularization and application.

       Our company can provide low temperature (40-60℃), medium temperature (60-80℃), high temperature (80-120℃) and ultra-high temperature (120-150℃) temporary plugging agent products. The temporary plugging agent is prepared from dissolvable and degradable polymer materials. Under a certain pressure, a dense plugging layer can be formed on the surface of the proppant or mixed with the proppant to achieve the purpose of temporary plugging and turning. According to the customer's requirements for dissolving rate and particle size, temporary plugging agent products with different dissolution rates and particle sizes can be customized.

      Part of the  temporary plugging agents can generate organic acid during the degradation process, which can acidify and remove plugging in the polluted formation, and at the same time, the acid liquid can break the gel, which integrates temporary plugging, acidification and gel breaking and can greatly reduce the overall cost. Our temporary plugging agent is finally completely in water, or degraded into water and CO2, which is safe and reliable, and will not cause pollution to the formation. At present, various temporary plugging agents manufactured by our company have been developed more than 40 customized products for customers, and they have been widely used in major oil fields with good production stimulation effect.












Presure-Bearing Strengh






Operation Temperature





light yelllow/black

1.- 1.2 g/cm3

≥ 50Mpa Flexibility 40-60℃





1.- 1.2 g/cm3

≥ 50Mpa Flexibility 60-80





1.- 1.6g/cm3

≥ 50Mpa Flexibility/Rigidity 80- 120







≥ 50Mpa Rigidity 120- 150

Product Performance Table



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